One basic reason for me to be here in this lifetime is to give the world something back, which is-in the case of my photography-a reflection and a record of many unrecognized and marvelous creatures and places. We are very fortunate to have this planet earth as our home. The earth and the life force is constantly giving birth to a wondrous creation of living forms. In my photography, I try to capture a portion of the magic which I see in both the smallest beings and in the larger vistas of the environments which surround us. After many years of being a clinical psychologist and a photographer, I presume that I have become somewhat adept at SEEING. With eyes wide open and firmly connected to one’s mind and inner being, it’s amazing just how much there is to see and how SPECTACULAR it all is!

In 1994, I decided to take a leap of faith and jump into my own version of “romancing the stone.” I sensed that the “stone” lived in the remote outpost which was Colombia. At first, I believed that I came to Colombia to become an English language Garcia Marquez. But my destiny took me in another direction. I began to take photos and I have never looked back. My language of expression was to be through visual images and not through words. I traded in the educated world of Boston for the tropical rainforests of Colombia, and in the humidity of the forests I have discovered a wealth of biodiversity, and the world of the smallest animals, and within them something unexpected, an incredible ingenuity of adaptation! And in the process of living in this world, I happened to unearth the mythical ‘stone,’ the connecting link, the basic self and the natural intelligence which is what I am and which is at the core of all life forms.

I was born in Dayton, Ohio many decades ago. My formal education included Oakwood High School, Deerfield Academy in Massachusetts, Stanford University, Goddard College in Vermont, and the Union Institute and University(strange name!) from which I received a Ph.D. in psychology. I lived in Boston for 16 years where I practiced as a licensed clinical psychologist. I spent a special 3 years at Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California immersed in a world of  experiential psychotherapies. Afterward, I was ready "to jump out of the endless psychology loop." I went to Lucknow, India to meditate with a wise disciple of Sri Ramana Maharshi. I became much more of "a clean slate," and I felt free of emotional baggage and capable of opening myself to new possibilities of living.

In an illogical and crazy move in the eyes of many, but in complete harmony with my improved inner guidance system, I went to Colombia to live-alone and without knowing the language-in 1994. I soon became intrigued with photographing the many photogenic facets of life which are in abundance here. In the past years, I have developed many techniques for doing macro photography of living insects. My assistant and I look high and low for the most exotic creatures we can find, many of which have never been seen before in photographs. To compensate for the smallness of this macro range, I also became a practitioner of panoramic photography with an approach that combines stitched and HDR techniques.

Very briefly, what I am about is a dedication to SEEING all there is to be seen, all the surfaces, the movements, the play of light, the gestures, and the inner worlds which shine through. WITH EYES WIDE OPEN AND CONNECTED TO HEART MIND AND SPIRIT, IT'S AMAZING JUST HOW MUCH THERE IS TO SEE AND HOW SPECTACULAR IT ALL IS!!